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One on One with Megan


With over 5,000 hours of training in yoga, spirituality, business, and leadership, I am delighted to share all the self-development, healing, empowerment, and transformational tools, work + practices I have experienced with others. 


My approach is to mix and match eastern, western, spiritual and practical techniques and methodologies to make the perfect recipe for your needs while working with you. 


Working one on one with me in personal sessions you might discover and heal limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Identify your authentic purpose, passion, and Truth.

Find peace and equanimity in all areas of your life. 

Build a successful Soul based business from your heART. 

Release fears and blocks keeping you from your greatness. 

Forgive, heal, move forward to becoming the happiest person you know. 

Cultivate a deep, meaningful spiritual practice that soothes your Soul. 


My intention in each session is to empower you to live from your innermost spiritual nature of unconditional love, unity, understanding and acceptance.

''Deciding to work one on one with Megan was the best decision that I have made, both for myself and my career. 

With Megan's knowledge and wisdom, I was able to gain so much clarity and focus. 

She generously offered me the tools I needed to create the Women's Program I was dreaming about, and make it successful!''

~ Vanessa, Creatrix of Luna Collective

Let's face it, no matter how far along the path we are we can all use a little help, support, and guidance. 

Working with a mentor can be a very power-full experience!
The one on one nature + nurturing allows for greater growth and richer transformation in a shorter time. 

*Awaken to Your Divine Potential.

*Resolve Financial, Personal, or Relationship Issues.

*Clear Emotional, Physical, Mental Blocks.

*Connect More Deeply to your Self, Soul, and Purpose

*Stop Making the Same Mistakes + Create Long Term Change

*Manifest Your Dreams

During mentor sessions Megan offers tools to unite mind, body, and spirit enabling one to be a more joy-filled, empowered person in the world. With her magic blend of ancient teaching, modern antidotes, possibilities and practicality, one leaves a conversation with Megan feeling lighter. 

~ Janet Mcgeein - Ottawa Chair Yoga Founder

Areas of Mentorship Offered:

#1 ~ Soul Based Business Creation

Stop hiding, waiting on the sidelines, settling for average and step in to your full potential!

* For new yoga teachers, healers, or soulpreneurs wanting to fast track their potential

*Clarifying your purpose and niche

*Systems, tools, and techniques to start your business from scratch

* website support

*copy and content creation

*branding creation

*Help transitioning careers


#2 ~ Soul Based Business Evolution

Move beyond a small business model (public classes/offerings) and discover ways to radically grow your business and bank account

*For yoga teachers, healers, or soulpreneurs who have been working on purpose for over a year

*Business beyond the basics to help you stand out

*Tools, guidance, and support to make lasting impact and grow your tribe

*Hone your message and expand your reach

*Build a community or expand your established one


Megan's wisdom and knowledge has helped me immensely over the past year, as she has guided and helped me accomplish many goals. Her humble and down to earth personality makes it easy to connect and feel at ease, while discussing your dreams and goals.  Megan's knowledge, experience and support has helped me a lot and provided me with the confidence that I lacked before our mentoring time together.
Lindsay Mustard - Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga  Teacher, Aromatherapist

Why Work with Megan?

You may be looking for a mentor because you are:

~ Feeling called to spread your teachings to a greater audience

~ Want to make your soul's passion in to a profitable business

~ Seeking guidance and support from someone who is on the same path as you

~ Are going through a transition or facing big decisions

~ Wanting to enrich your relationship to your Self and spiritual practice

~ Notice a lack of joy or purpose in your life

~ Are commited to real, lasting change but haven't yet seen results


Just to name a few...


I will always combine spiritual principles with practical tools, original + unique sessions tailored to your individual needs, co-active and valuable insight, and in-depth personal experiences. 


I will never assume I know what is best for you or shame or guilt you in to a practice, belief, or way of Being that doesn't resonate with you. 


I will support you, encourage you, help you see different perspectives, give you hard truths if I see them, hold you accountable, and use all my training and personal exprience on meditation, business, mindfullness, yoga, and leadership to help you empower, heal, and transform your life on the levels of body, mind, and Soul. 


I have been taking the journey through inner + outer landscapes for over a decade. Travelling the world, over 52 countries, I have witnessed and participated in various spiritual traditions and ways of life. Many believe that those who are less fortunate than us are less happy as well, but I have seen different and live by some of their principles for happiness. 


I have transformed myself from a broke, struggling yoga teacher to thriving, six figure soulpreneur. Mostly on my own. 


I have gone from heart broken, sick, tired, and burnt out to living the life of my dreams! 


I have made many mistakes and learnt from them, moved on, and grown. 


I have always been called to be in service, to support others, work with women, create Teachers and Leaders of Love since I was a child.

I am living my dharma and can help you live yours!


I am passionate, happy, inspired and excited to wake up each day and be in the world. 

Isn't this something you want in your life too?

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