My #1 Self Care Tool for School

This is my go to yoga pose while school is in session.

Supported Fish

This is such an important yoga pose that benefits everyone, but especially students or those that spend ample time hunched over for work. 
You need a yoga block OR towel/blanket/pillow
The music mentioned is located below the video and holds the time for you so you can relax body and mind. 
Place a block on the lowest level on your yoga mat or floor. 
You can also use a blanket folded in a long, narrow rectangle and stacked a couple so that they have height.
Sit in front of your block,bolster, or blanket so that your pelvis is eight to ten inches in front of them. Then lean back onto your props so that your lower ribs rest against the front edge and shoulder blade are rests over prop. 
If your head is tilting back and doesn't touch the ground, this pose will get uncomfortable fairly quickly, so place a pillow or blanket under your head so it can relax.
This pose should be comfortable. Use as much height under your head or a as little under your upper back as you need in order to feel relaxed.
Letting your arms rest at your sides and turning your palms upward.
Relax and breathe deeply in to and from your heart for minimum one minute. 
You can stay in this pose as long as it’s comfortable, even as long as 10-15 minutes.
Most of us spend so much time in the opposite position—bent over a keyboard or bocks—that there’s probably little chance of overdoing Supported Fish. 
If you are on a block, bring your hands to the back of your head and cradle it. Use your hands to lift your head bringing chin to chest. 
Gentle roll yourself off the block on to your side in a fetal position. 
If you are on a bolster or blanket simply roll off and onto your side.
Take a few breaths on your side before pushing yourself up to sitting.
Once seated take another deep breath or two before carrying on with your studies. 
- lengthens the front of the body: chest, shoulders,
throat, belly, and hip flexors especially
- calming and centering
- opens the energetic and spiritual heart
- opens the energetic heart
- relieves anxiety and stress
- grounding and relaxing
- shifts energy and perspective
- migraines (can also help them depends on location)
- high or low blood pressure
- spinal issues or injuries (especially cervical)
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