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A Virtual Studio for Movement, Meditation, and Motivation

Your choice of practice. 

Anytime. Wherever you are. 

For as little or long as you want. 

Megan created this virtual studio during a time of great pressure collectively. A time of challenge, struggle for many, and stress. 

Through her own movement, meditation and various ways to stay motivated, Megan used the pressure to innovate, create, and connect. 

Now, imagine yourself having the tools and technology do that for yourself, and support around you, during stressful times too!

Inside the Virtual Studio you will have access to everything you need to relieve stress, feel invigorated, soothe anxiety, boost depression, strengthen your body, and calm your mind. 

Joining the virtual studio gives you the ability to practice at home, at work, or travelling so you can keep connected and inspired where ever you are and whenever you need it. 

To be sure to suit your needs, the movement and meditations vary in length from 3 minutes to 90 minutes, also giving you the option to tailor the practice specifically to you too!

Radiance. Vitality. Longevity.

Healing. Empowerment. Creativity. Purpose.  

Everything you need is inside the studio!

Megan has been teaching yoga, meditation, and motivating people for 15 years, as well as training other's in the art and science of Yoga for over ten. Having studied various forms of yoga asana, with over 3,000 hours of training, her personal practice evolved in to a fusion of her two passions - traditional Kundalini + VInyasa - which she has named Sat Nam Flow

Along with Sat Nam Flow classes, you will receive Megan's well known Vinyasa classes, that are intentional, meaningful, and powerful. 

There are also shorter Yin yoga practices, Move + Meditate (mobility with focus on meditative movements and meditation), and traditional Kundalini yoga.

A private Facebook forum unites the community and serves as a informative portal when new content is released, poll for class styles, requests, and times, as well any LIVE classes Megan offers. 

So here's what's inside!

+200 hours of:

- Sat Nam Flow classes like:

     *Cleanse. Purge. Purify. 

     *Mellow. Hips. Creativity. 

- Guided Pranayam practices like:

     *Anxiety Calming Breath

     *Depression Support

- Guided Savasana + Restoration practices like:

      *3 minute Rest Sweet One

      *10 Minute Cocooning 

- Guided Meditations like:

     *Opening the Heart Meditation

     *Self Healing Meditation

- Traditional Kundalini classes like:

      *Disease Resistance Kriya

      *Basics + Breath

- Traditional Vinyasa yoga practices like:

       *Fire + Resurrection

       *Let Go + Play

- 30 minute Yin Yoga practices

- 30 minute Move + Meditate practices


- Intentionally curated playlists to use for your own practice or integrate in to Vinyasa, Sat Nam Flow, Yin, savasana, and more

- Extra's - previously recorded Master Class and workshops with Megan

- NOURISH - Recipes for Healthy Living with Megan and Holistic Nutritionisth Zaida Gelmez

**New content is added weekly!

Join Us in the Studio!

Membership is by donation and given only once.  

Your donation gives you lifetime access to all the On Demand classes, meditations, pranayams, and Masterclasses. 

$20 or more is suggested but not required. Pay what you can afford.

Donation Options:

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*Once you donate please email megan@megancampbell.ca for next steps
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~One time donation gives you Lifetime access to the Virtual Studio and all it's contents. No future payments will be required. 

~ All donations are non-refundable. 

~ Megan reserves the right to revoke membership or close the studio without notice or cause



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